A shifty and a scooter named Lance

Still scooterless this holiday weekend (seriously, are they handcrafting the hose in Italy? and shipping it via tartaruga?), I decided to quell some of my restlessness with a trip across the river to another scooter shop. They’re the only Corazzo dealer within a million miles and had some jackets I wanted to look at. Moto […]

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Viva Vespa on CBS Sunday Morning

I’m bouncing off the walls this week, with perfect weather outside and my scooter still in the shop waiting on that coolant hose. This is why so many people have more than one bike, right? There’s a 49cc Vespa on Craigslist today for seven hundred bucks and I swear if this darn hose doesn’t show […]

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Update on the Crash Bars

I hereby officially retract my recommendation about the zip ties. Last week I wrote about having to do a little smooshing to get the coolant hoses out of the way of the mounting bracket for the Prima rear crash bars. A ModernVespa user showed how he’d bent the steel bracket with a table vise, which […]

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Fresh Oil and Gravel

The book Proficient Motorcycling by David L. Hough is much recommended by the experienced riders on the ModernVespa forums, so I downloaded it to my Kindle the day I decided to purchase my scooter. It’s a bit of a terrifying read at first, but that’s intentional – if you can get past the story of the […]

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Smart scooter security

It is a truth universally acknowledged in the scooter community that a thief in possession of a certain determination will get your scoot if he wants it. A visiting friend asked with raised eyebrows whether the Vespa was safe parked in the alley lot behind my apartment, so I filled her in. The goal of […]

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Mod #2: Rear crash bars

Rear crash bars are basically cowl protectors, designed to take the initial hit from a tip-over and protect the cowls – a pricey part to repair or replace on a Vespa, and unfortunately the most likely place to get damaged in a drop. I don’t intend to drop or crash the scoot anytime soon, but you […]

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MSF Basic Rider Course

If you get nothing else out of this post, get this: beginning riders of any bike – from a 49cc scooter on up – will benefit immensely from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic Rider Course. I took a two-day course, ten hours each day, and while it didn’t get me my motorcycle license, I […]

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Mod #1: Side stand

The first modification to my new Vespa was fairly urgent. The GT200s sold in the U.S. were made in Italy, just like the ones sold in Europe. The European ones had a center stand and a side stand. The American ones had, for reasons shrouded in mystery, only a center stand. The GT200 weighs 308 […]

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Do You Vespa?

Someone who rides Harleys asked me awhile back whether Vespa had any sort of trinket or challenge coin similar to the Harley-Davidson poker chip. I pleaded neophyte ignorance and then hit Google. Nothing I had seen or read so far indicated that such a thing existed, but I realized I also didn’t know exactly what I […]

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