Gearing up

The day after I committed to purchase my first Vespa, I went home and checked out with a large shopping cart full of goodies from Scooter West. Patches, stickers, a string bag, just little stuff, but it was a largely symbolic thing, initiating myself into this culture. Then I did some more serious looking for […]

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Test Drive

I went on Saturday to finally check out the Craigslist Vespa I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks. It’s a GT200, with a displacement four times that of any scooter I’ve ever operated – and that little experience I do have driving is from many years ago. I wasn’t really anticipating taking it on much […]

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There are two scooter dealers near-ish to me, each dealing in different brands. I decided to start the scooter-shopping adventure by just going and sitting on a few of the different models that had caught my eye online. At the first shop, I tried and ruled out a Stella Automatic – one that I had […]

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